Her Diamonds

“Her Diamonds” is a song by Rob Thomas, written about his wife’s struggle with an unnamed “lupus-like” autoimmune disease.  I first discovered this song back in July by reading Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s blog, and was impressed at how well it captures the essence of a couple living with a disease like this.

So why do I bring it up now?  I’ve been going through a rough time physically, and strangely enough, this song has been following me around.  After a long period of not hearing it anywhere, it suddenly seems to be everywhere, and appears at times when I’m having particular trouble.  I was driving home from a difficult and painful bodywork session when it came on the radio, and I pulled into a parking lot and cried.  Then on another day, I was in the drugstore filling a new prescription, which felt like a defeat since I’ve been trying to reduce meds, and there it was again.

Rheumatoid Arthritis guy writes about it here, and he also includes a video that shows the words to the song if you’d like to read them.  But I want to show you the other video, the “real” one.  To me, it seems to capture perfectly the feeling of being trapped inside a body wracked with pain and fatigue. 

YouTube won’t let me embed it, unfortunately, but here’s the link:

Her Diamonds

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  1. Laurie says:

    Ciao Remi,

    Mi dispiace, che tu senti male. Spero che abbia un buon fine settimana e migliori giorni avanti!

    🙂 Laurie

  2. admin says:

    Grazie, Laurie! 🙂

  3. Wren says:

    That’s a wonderful song. The lyrics are heartbreaking. They’re even more striking, I think, when the words are in such contrast to the happy, energetic beat…

  4. Britta says:

    I love this song too. Sometimes it makes me emotional also. Rob Thomas has a lot of great music!

  5. Jenn Ziegler says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had to repost this video on my blog, because I was overwhelmed with how lovely this song is and how it hits so close to home.



  6. Michelle says:

    I love this song too. Sometimes it makes me emotional also. Rob Thomas has a lot of great music!

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